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28th Feb 2019
Fairorgan FAQ Page2
Hiring Information
Organ Hiring Information

The organ is available all year, but bookings tend to be ‘seasonal’, with the summer months from May to August and Christmas events in December being the peak times, so in general you need to book well in advance.

You can still contact me if you have a last minute decision to hire a fairorgan for your event. If I have nothing booked, then I can offer the organ to you.

The average cost of hiring the organ in 2019 is £130, but this depends on:

The type of event, e.g. Country fair, Church or Charity event, private booking, etc.

Duration of ‘performance’, e.g. A full day from 10am to 5pm, or a few hours in the afternoon or evening.

Distance from the organ’s parking location in Manchester to the event, taking terrain into account (e.g. over the Pennines!). *

Use of a generator. *

* As fuel costs are constantly fluctuating, the price will be evaluated at the time of booking.
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Contact me for more information
Watch a video of the organ:
Space requirements
Width: 2M (6’ 7”)
The organ is mounted in a trailer (as shown below) and so I will require some manoeuvring space. It is very heavy and can only be moved manually over a small area, unless there is some ‘manpower’ on site to assist in positioning! I would usually move it whilst still coupled to my car.
Length: 3.6 M (11’ 10”)
Height: 2.4M (7’ 10”)